Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stay Here.

One of the main reasons we continue to bring pain, suffering and misery into our life is because we've forgotten who we are and so have forgotten who God is.

Because you believe you can be attacked, you live your life in fear (with your guard/wall up) ready and willing to attack back. Because you are not the only one who believes this, it does not take long for conflict to appear. The insane part about the whole belief is you don't know it was made by you when you forgot who you are.

This belief is the rationale you use to defend and justify your actions. Attack, in any form however can never be justified because there is no justification in attack - period.

Remember this, inside every bully is a coward. Both the Coward and the Bully are how the Ego disguises itself. When you are not present in your mind, the Ego slides right in and takes over. The longer you waste time stewing in the past or stressing about the future, the more the Ego begins to take residence and ownership of you and your affairs.

Instead you must understand ONLY when you're in the moment (whether it be pleasant or not) is when 1. you'll be more likely to accept your situation for what it is and 2. you'll be able to make the proper decisions because you have a clear sound mind. The Ego is incapable of making proper decisions because it doesn't think about anything or anyone but itself.

When you stay here is when you're able to invite the Holy Spirit in. The Holy Spirit can not and will not impose itself on you. God gave you the will to choose and you must use that power to invite the Holy Spirit in otherwise the Ego will continue to claim you as its hostage.

You must put the past down by understanding there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Use it instead to recall happy and helpful memories. You must also let go of the future because it doesn't belong to you. Planning is helpful because you're hopeful for tomorrow however if/when you spend more time outside of the present moment, you will begin to bring pain and suffering back into your life.

Stay here because that's the only place you'll find what you're looking for. You'll never find it in the past and it doesn't exist in the future. The Peace of God is found and experienced ONLY in the present moment because that is where God is. God is in eternity. There is no time in eternity - there is no time in the present moment.

All tragedy, misery, injustice, conflict, war, etc., is created by the Ego. Whom else could create such chaos?!?! Here is the crazy thing! We created this mess! Yes, human begins. Because you have the power God gave you (the will to choose) you are able to create peace AND make war. Please don't be foolish enough to believe your power is weak. Your power can never be weakened however it (clearly) can be used to weaken.

When you stay here, you're able to see God's hand and work in everything because God is in control of everything. When you spend more time in the present moment is when you'll begin to spend your life in peace. You'll begin to live in Heaven on Earth because God will unfold the life he intended for you right before your very eyes.

There is no future in heaven - its right here right now. Remember, there is no such thing as coincidence. There is also no coincidence you're reading this right now.

Stay here. Peace

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