Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Thoughts determine your Life experiences. If you think about that for a moment, that should really get you excited!! The idea of thoughts determining your experiences (and NOT an outside factor) offers a different perspective. Because thoughts are created in the brain,  and you control your brain, you should feel a sense of great relief! 

If the majority of your Life experiences are uneventful, at best, maybe it's time to assess why. You see, too many believe it's the brain that controls the body and that's where it ends. You've forgotten it's YOU that controls the mind, which controls the body. Remember, YOU are not a body, YOU are a spiritual being in a temporary physical form (body.) You know that, you just forgot!

Considering God gave us the will to choose, you must know it comes with power, the Power of God. There is no other power greater than God's because God Himself IS Power. Because God gave you His Power, if used in any manner apart from the Will of God, you bring pain and suffering onto yourself. Your choice doesn't change it's efficacy, God's Power never changes!

Because you have THE Power, it can be used to bless others but it can also do much damage. Understand, the moment this happens you are no longer in control, Ego is! Somewhere along the way, you've lost focused, by not paying attention to the thoughts going in your mind. That is exactly what Ego needs to hijack your mind and cause havoc. Please know, this happens subtly and progressively. Ego never makes sense but it sure knows how to confuse you, it does it every time, just in different disguises. 

It's most common disguise is Fear. Whenever you feel afraid (don't confuse being afraid with danger - two total different things), know Ego has obscured your vision from Truth (God) and has taken over your mind, hence the worrying, stress, anxiety, anger, regret, shame, etc. These are all thoughts that come with gifts of only pain and suffering. "As a Man thinketh, so is he", meaning what/how you're feeling inside is the mirror to what's going on in your head. And how you react is just your body listening to what your brain is telling it to do. 

Ego gets into your head (when you're not there) and makes up all those unanswered questions, etc. "How?", "When?", "What?" Because they come from Ego, they mean nothing. 

No matter how upsetting your situation may seem, your thoughts of it will determine your reaction to it. Choose, rather to not engage in your thoughts at all. With God's Power comes an unquestionable knowing which the Holy Spirit reminds you of. He offers His Peace in exchange for your "stuff" and clears your mind of what never matted to begin with. 

Now that you're back on track, stay awake in your mind by staying present in the moment. That is where all questions to your unanswered ones lie. "Peace, Be Still." Peace

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