Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Suicide is what Ego has you believing is your answer, your last resort. You've reached this point when every aspect of your life seems to be in turmoil. Ego (originated from Fear) tries to convince you Life is not worth living because your vision is obscured. All you see is misery and all you feel is pain, this is called depression.

At this point, you've lost sight of God and so have lost Hope. You get frustrated and fear things will get worse NOT better and this is where suicidal thoughts begin to creep in.  Its as if you're going through life blind folded, searching aimlessly in the dark for Peace but you'll never find it there because you're searching in all the wrong places. Because your vision is blurred, your mind has been taken over by Ego (or what most refer to as "The Devil") and you're now in a constant state of fear and confusion believing your future will be just as grim; perfect recipe for disaster!
Hope comes from God through the Holy Spirit who's purpose is to remove the blind fold and show you what is true and what is false. What is absolutely, undeniably true is no matter how difficult or horrible your situation, it is NOT worth taking your life. You see, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, this is the very thing Ego/The Devil wants to keep from you.

What's false is believing you'll find Peace in suicide. You must know, Peace is never found there and will never be found there because that is not God's answer, its Ego/The Devil's ultimate solution to everything.

Depression is a clear sign you've lost your way as well as your Faith in God and need guidance to get back on the right track. This, you'll find ONLY in the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit guides you along to truth, Ego drags you away from it!

Allow the Holy Spirit to show you Life is worth living. You see, Life is just a test to see where your Faith lies, either in God or Ego/The Devil.

Peace of mind is God's answer to surrender and Hope is then restored through the Holy Spirit because you're reminded that God is in control NOT Ego. Meaning "Be Still And Know That I Am God." Peace.


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