Sunday, November 8, 2015

Suffering is a WONDERFUL Teacher!

Those (students) who showed up, who were ready and willing to learn the lesson are the ones who will agree to Suffering being a wonderful teacher. 

In order to be ready, you must first acknowledge the fact that Suffering is a teacher. You are ready when you understand Pain is always the matter/subject of its lesson. 

You are willing to learn the lesson Suffering teaches when you accept the fact that Pain is a part of Life. You are willing when you can accept this concept as Truth/Reality which is one of the first requirements. 

You see, Life is a test and Pain are experiences we (human beings) have throughout our time here on earth. The sole purpose of Suffering is to teach one lesson which is Pain is temporary. "Weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning" speaks to this lesson. 

The question "what am I to learn from this Pain?" is primarily to be answered "This too shall pass," meaning whatever it is you're dealing with in the form of Pain will pass because nothing on earth lasts forever! 

When this is realized, you'll experience Pain less often considering Suffering comes from holding on to Pain. This happens because you've forgotten that Joy comes only when you've let go of Pain. Because Pain is temporary, you are in control of how long it lasts. 

History repeats itself and often comes in the form of Pain because the lesson it is there to teach has either been forgotten or has not been learned to begin with which is what brings Suffering. Please do not confuse Pain with Suffering for one is a part of Life and Suffering on the other hand is not. It is merely there to teach Pain is temporary. The moment that lesson is learned, Suffering is no longer.  

A fundamental way to minimize Pain is to know it doesn't last always. The body knows how to heal it's self of physical pain and that often takes Time. To eliminate Suffering however is to stay in the Present moment which doesn't ever call for Time - it requires a decision and because decisions are made in the mind, it takes no Time at all. 

Holding on to Pain is done in the mind of which Ego demands authority. Ego lives in Past and it prefers to keep you trapped in the Past where it controls your thoughts. It's by being trapped in the Past that causes the Future to look bleak which is where Suffering comes from. 

Let go and surrender to what is by reminding yourself "This too, shall pass," and you will recover unscathed. Peace

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