Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Because you have forgotten who you are, a Spiritual being, Ego convinced you Death is to feared. For this reason, marketing companies capitalize on selling whatever will keep you looking as far away from Death's door as possible, Agelessness/Immortality.

Because you take what your eyes tell you to be True, you are confused in thinking anything on Earth can prevent the inevitable. What you don't remember is because God is eternal, nothing created by Him is temporary. Meaning because the physical body has an expiration date that only God knows, do not waste Time surgically altering your body so that you fit what society deems beautiful or at the very least, acceptable. 

Remember, you are not your body! Please allow the Holy Spirit to show you all of what Ego made up is not True. It's not necessary that one learn this lesson through a traumatic experience however that's usually what does it!  

Instead, choose to contemplate this fact. Because God (Divine Power/Source, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, whatever you're comfortable identifying with) is the Creator of the Universe and the only One in control at ALL times, Trust there is more to Life than what you see. This explains "Live by Faith not by Sight," for as Ego continues on its war path, causing and maintaining conflict to complete its ultimate goal, Death, you will not be affected. Because you are a Spiritual being created by God, there is nothing to Fear considering Fear IS nothing.

Because you are Immortal, a Spiritual being, use the gift God gave you, Life, to honor Him for it by being grateful. This is done only when the Present moment is experienced. Do not wait until...
Because you are Immortal, use the little Time granted to you to bless others and your "cup" will overflow with blessings beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Peace

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